Born in Winnipeg, Michael Stefanyshyn is a self-taught photographer currently living and working in Calgary, Alberta. His photographic journey started in Jr. High School where he had access to unlimited film and a darkroom for the first time. Over the years he has taught himself the art of photography and developed his own contemporary style with photojournalistic hints

Michael has a Bachelor's degree in Education, and while volunteering with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary designed and taught a photography composition and editing course for 3 years. The vast majority of his work is done on location, and he excels at adjusting himself to suit the environmental variables he encounters. He specializes in weddings and unique portraits, but loves stepping outside of his normal activities. Currently he is working on developing a portfolio of Martial Arts imagery and extending himself into the field of sports photography.


A picture captures the moment in a thousandth of a second, but it speaks a thousand words. With my art I strive to use a single image to capture a piece of time, and in doing so tell a story. The story may be long or short, but each photograph tells one... and it is different to each viewer. The perfect image is one that can elicit a different emotional response in every person who sees it.

I continuously play with different forms of light to produce my work, from completely natural daylight to heavily modified studio strobes. I use digital cameras almost extensively now, after spending years with nothing but film, and use the instantaneous feedback to craft the light to suit what the image requires.