A Little Rain Never Hurt Anybody

When I woke up this morning it was pouring rain here in Calgary, yet again, and for many photographers that means cancelling their plans. That is always a shame because rain provides excellent opportunities for photographers, the overcast sky provides nice diffuse light and the water on surfaces acts to increase contrast making colors look more saturated. Ready to get out and shoot?.

1st – PROTECT YOUR GEAR! This should go without saying but shooting in the rain involves making sure your camera doesn’t get wrecked. Now I personally take care of this step by buying weather proofed gear that is designed to withstand rain but that comes at a financial premium. For those who don’t have weather proofed gear, you will need to take steps to protect what you have. The simplest method of protecting your gear is with a plastic bag wrapped around the body and secured with an elastic.

2nd – PUT YOUR LENS HOOD ON! Most people think of a lens hood as a means of preventing light from causing lens flare but they work as excellent rain shields as well. Just remember to keep your lens down to prevent rain from falling directly on the glass.

3rd – SHOOT! SHOOT! SHOOT! Go out and shoot away, have fun and get some great images.